Everybody is made in a different way“: this is the ill-formed leitmotif of my mother, a seamstress. Each time one of us in the family bought a new dress of the right size, she had to “step in” to work on something: a too-long hem, a not-perfect waistline or sleeves too big. It was up to her to make the new dress fit perfectly to our measurements, and it is like this even today. I remember this declaration since my childhood and, as an adult, I’ve applied the same to my life.


Our society pretends we are all created in the same way, but the truth is that each of us is different, and it is exactly this diversity that makes us unique. This sort of “mantra” has helped me to better understand people and their ideas and appreciate them in their uniqueness.


Similarly, enterprises are different from one to another as well, and when it comes to professional solutions related to communicating to specific audiences, their uniqueness becomes their strength to be highlighted.

That’s why CRC – claudiaronchicommunications is like a “communication tailor shop“: ideas and services are cut, sewn and packaged based on the “size” of the client and on the audience the client wants to address… no matter whether big or small.